Designed by Louise Hederström and manufactured by Maze in Sweden, these nature inspired wall hooks are a creative twist to the traditional hanger. Decorative in design, these modern hangers are made from powder coated metal wire.


Designed by Louise Hederström and manufactured by Swedish design firm Maze, these nature impressed wall hooks supply a artistic twist to the standard hanger. Constituted of powder coated steel wire, these fashionable hangers can even double as a minimalist artwork piece.


Tall and slim, the department hanger within the collection is ideal for small areas because it makes use of its size to hold garments or different gadgets.

Tall and slim, these metal black and white modern hangers inspired by branches are perfect for small spaces as they utilise their length to hang clothes or other items.

Horizontal in design, the crown steel wall hooks can be probably the most appropriate for hanging jackets by the entrance door.

Horizontal in design, these modern black and white metal wall hooks would be the most suitable for hanging jackets by the front door.

The tree hanger holds a number of gadgets whereas making an ornamental assertion during which ever room it’s mounted.

Large in size, these modern metal black and white wall hooks inspired by a tree holds multiple items while making a decorative statement in which ever room they're mounted.

Smaller twig hangers are perfect for just a few gadgets and are the proper match for the department hanger.

Small in size, these modern metal black and white hangers inspired by twigs and are ideal for a few items.